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About Closet of Mysteries – My Story

Scott Myst from Closet of MysteriesI am Scott Myst and I run the Closet of Mysteries.  Here is where I spill the beans about who I am, how I got started, and what this is all about.

The way-back story

First and foremost, you could say I am an artist.  Drawing and painting have been part of my life since I can remember.  Some of my earliest memories are of ripping open the offering envelopes at church to get at the blank inside for doodling on with those short number 2 pencils left to collect people’s contact information (and keep track of who gave what I guess).  I was about 5 years old when I thought I had invented the technique of smudging graphite with my finger.  Years later, I found myself graduating with honors from the Herberger College at ASU.  Of course, I had no idea what to do with an art degree once school was over.

Although I have had a good number of shows and been published in a handful of magazines (i.e. B, my art career has never been the focus of my life.  I spent many years as a corporate travel agent sitting in a cubicle and basically hating my life when my brother and I conceived of starting a shirt printing business.  It would give me a chance to do something artistic and work for myself at the same time.  We started back in 2009 and my brother bailed out shortly after we started leaving me to fend for myself with a screen press.  I opened a shop in Tempe near ASU and made a go at selling designs I made and screen printed onto high quality shirts.  It did not take off as I had hoped but I threw some memorable parties.  After a little over a year, I moved out of my shop (yes, I was living in it – quite an adventure) and became a home based operation in downtown Phoenix.  Fairly discouraged, I kept screen printing but it was mostly commercial work for restaurants and such.

The not so way-back story (conception of Closet of Mysteries)

In my house in Phoenix around September of 2013, I was having a conversation with my partner, Cristina, about the direction my screen printing business was going.  The work I had done prior to starting Closet of Mysteries was fun but somewhat empty.  I had been designing shirts and trying to build up a brand from scratch but always felt constricted by what I though would sell.  This did not work out for me as an artist nor did it work out for my intended audience.  I needed to speak from the heart.  This is exactly what Cristina was telling me I should do.  We bounced around some ideas and Closet of mysteries was conceived.

What is Closet of Mysteries all about?

buy the ticket by Closet of MysteriesWhat was it that was in my heart that needed to be let out?  Well, over the course of the past few years, I have undergone a consciousness transformation.  It began with an experience in Sedona on New Years of 2012 when I took a night hike with some friends on my first real mushroom trip.  We weren’t having the big woo-woo experience I was to later find was possible but it was profound.  Later, one of the same friends from that first experience enthusiastically introduced me to the big picture.  I was astonished to say the least.  My world has never been the same since.  Although I considered myself to be a fairly good person before that, it turned out that I really wasn’t.  The whole of space and time was looking at me and telling me I had to be accountable for my life and my actions.  It was a heavy message but undeniably true none the less.  The journey towards understanding and transformation had begun.

It has taken several years and a lot of work to actually do something about what I had learned that night.  The one thing I know for sure is that experiences in altered states of consciousness are essential for people to attain their true purpose.  Those states aren’t exclusively attained through the use of plant medicines but the plant medicines do work.  Curiosity led me from my first real experience into the world of shamanism and mysticism.  The Closet of Mysteries has been created to provide a trail of breadcrumbs for those on a path toward ascension.

The Work

Screen printing for Closet of Mystereis
I screen print using eco friendly water based inks.

I have documented my journey by designing art with meaning.  Every image I make is about something.  The path to your higher self has many options.  Nobody has the same path as another person but certain things will certainly help each of us along the way.  I design artwork for t shirts because it is a simple and affordable media in which to communicate the these concepts.  Writing is increasingly becoming a part of what I do here at Closet of Mysteries.

Peyote Deer drawing in progress for Closet of Mysteries t shirt design
Working on my “Peyote Deer” design

Today, the artwork work is focused on more hand drawn images based on shamanic and magickal concepts, meditation, and spirituality.  I screen print t shirts and posters by hand with love and care.  I use only environmentally friendly screen printing inks and solvents.  Our intention is to eventually build a mobile screen printing shop that can attach to an RV.  Our family loves to explore and are compelled to answer the call of a nomadic life (eventually).  After all, a good journey is both internal as well as external.

Please enjoy your visit.  Ask questions and leave feedback or suggestions as you like.

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