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Sketchbook magick drawing eye of providence in pentagram drawing by Scott Myst of Closet of Mysteries

Drawings from the magickal sketchbook

I have a pretty nifty sketchbook that I purchased while a student in Florence, Italy in 2003.  I could not bring myself to draw in it for the longest time.  I broke out of that a couple of years ago and now it is my go-to sketchbook where I hash out most of my ideas and studies.  Here are some of the magick drawings I have been working on lately….
Scott Mytst's sketchbook for magickal drawings

Pentagram Drawing

This is a basic experiment with in sacred geometry originally drawn with a compass and pencil.  Other elements from hermetic and alchemical illustrations are added with my own personal twist of course.IMG_2245

eye in pentagram magical alchemy  IMG_2246


I have long admired the ouroboros symbol for its deep meaning and overall aesthetic appeal.  Do not be surprised to see a new design featuring the twin snakes consuming themselves in my shop in the near future.


Hand of Mysteries

This magick drawing a sort of self portrait with the hand of mysteries or philosopher’s hand but I think I lost my likeness when I inked the drawing.  I expect a larger version would be more successful in capturing facial features…



Thank you for checking out my sketchbook and magick drawings!  If you enjoy this sort of content, leave a comment and share this on your social media.

2 thoughts on “Drawings from the magickal sketchbook”

  1. Miranda Blayre Hanna

    This is beautiful!! I have recently began a peaking interest in symbolism, particularly satanic symbolism. Why and what got you started in your quest of magickal drawings? Was it a personal experience or did you just pick it up?

    1. Thank you Miranda! I have been drawing for most of my life so when I got into occult studies, it only seemed natural for it to permeate into my art work. What sparked your interest in symbolism?

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