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Mercury – Manifest Success in Business and Communication Using Planetary Magick

When I first decided to delve into occult studies, I was kind of at a loss for where to begin.  I think the only esoteric book I even knew the name of was the Key of Solomon.  Fortunately, that book is readily found online and is a rather decent introduction to magick. 

In the Greater Key of Solomon, a great deal of emphasis is put on timing.  According to the text, each planet (by “planet” we mean the visible spheres within our solar system) has a day and the hours of each day are assigned to the different planets in a rotating pattern.  Each planet’s day begins with the hour of that planet starting at sunrise.  Thee is an hour for each planet thereafter.  After all seven planets have had their own hour, it starts over.

Each planet has certain aspects of life that it rules over.  Here, we will discuss Mercury and all of the nifty things you can accomplish by harnessing its power.  Well, maybe not ALL of the things since I only know what I know 🤪.

Below is a video I put together where I talk about some aspects of Mercurial Planetary Magick over a time lapse video of my work on a mercurial talisman design.  

Working with the planet Mercury

Mercury is the closest to the sun and of the visible celestial spheres. It’s the fastest moving of the actual planets, for this reason Mercury is considered to be the messenger of the gods and rules over intellect and business communication travel language things of that nature. In Greece he was called Hermes and in Egypt Thoth. Although Thoth was a lunar god so we don’t need to get into that. The Norse considered him to be the all-father and called him Odin. The earlier name for him was Woden, and thusly we have Woden’s day on Wednesday, and Wednesday is our day for doing workings with planet Mercury. Loki is their trickster deity that’s another aspect of Mercury. Mercury can be quite tricky as we all know through retrogrades.

Mercury is often seen iconically wearing his like winged hat and sandals. He’s able to transit worlds, so he can go from the world of the gods, to earthly realms, and into the underworld. He is a psychopomp who helps souls transit from the world of living to the world of the dead. As the ruler of mind as well as medicine it’s logical to conclude that mercury has some relationship to herbs such as lion’s mane mushroom ginkgo ginseng stuff like that. If you consider the trickster element with the mind and medicine, then you can also see that there’s some relationship to psychedelics. The caduceus is the mercurial symbol for healing. Hermes or mercury is also the god of magic and the magician tarot card is associated with Mercury. It is said that he taught humans reading and writing as well as the occult sciences and medicine. Two astrological signs ruled by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. Mercury corresponds to the eighth Sephiroth, Hod, on the kabbalistic tree of life which is splendor.

It also has correspondence to the Hebrew letter Beth.

I’ll catch you next time! 🙂

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