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Mushroom Art from the End of the World

Mushroom Art from the End of the World

This is a bit of artwork I was working on during a time of extreme energy.  This work was created from the beginning of March and completed on April 11, 2020.  It was a bizarre time not just for me personally, but of course it was for the whole world.  When I began this work, I started it in a different world than I finished it in.  While the subject is that of terrestrial plant magick, the meaning to me is something far beyond.  Working on this artwork was a way to focus my attention and energy which helped me to navigate the intensity of the time.  

I titled the work “Magia De La Tierra Y Hongos” which means “Magic of the Earth and Fungus”.  The piece is a sort of painting, drawing, and collage.  We can just call it “Mixed Media”.  Elements are drawn on watercolor paper, then cut out and collaged in layers.  I find that it looks better when I paint the edges of the paper black so it makes kind of an outline around that part.  When I adhere the element to the surface, I use a bit of wax paper to keep things from sticking and weigh it down with a hefty stack of old Encyclopedia Britannica Volumes.  

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