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Peyote Cactus Drawing Time Lapse

Peyote Cactus Drawing Time Lapse

The Peyote Cactus design in my shop was a commission for a customer.  He wanted a design featuring 3 elements; the peyote cactus, a rattlesnake, and a thunderbird.  This design was worked up to compose those elements in my own style while paying homage to native cultures.  I was pleased with the end result to I decided make it a permanent addition to my shop.

In the video, you can watch the ink drawing transpire in a fun, ultra fast time lapse.  As usual, it includes an original soundtrack from Homunculus.  Enjoy!

For information on the Peyote Cactus as well as other magical plants, please see this article: Understanding Visionary Nature of Plant Medicines 

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