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Munin’s Return, Raven Drawing, Pen And Ink Artwork


Raven drawing “Munin’s Return” original artwork ink drawing by Scott Myst. One of a kind artwork of Odin’s raven Munin from Norse Mythology.

Original artwork Raven Drawing “Munin’s Return”.  Artwork is acrylic ink on acid free watercolor paper, 10″ x 16″.

In Norse mythology, Odin (AKA Woden or Wotan) the god of magic and shamans, is often depicted with Ravens.  Odin’s feathered companions are named Hugin and Munin and are said to whisper in his ears.  Hugin is more associated with conscious thought while Munin is more associated with memory.  I see these as figures representing the two hemispheres of the brain, the conscious-active and the intuitive-passive.  I made this raven drawing, “Munin’s Return”, to pay homage to the right side of the brain that drives creativity.  It is through the intuitive thought processes that the muses can be channeled and the seeds of new ideas are formed.

For more reading on Odin and his Ravens, I recommend Norse Mythology for Smart People.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 16 × .5 in


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