Closet of Mysteries

Occult Artwork, Magickal Grackle Poster, Screen Printed Poster


Screen printed occult poster of “Magical Grackle” illustration. Original artwork by Scott Myst of Closet of Mysteries. 12″ x 18″

Original occult artwork  “Magical Grackle” poster features my hand drawn design.

Grackles are abundant in the area where I live. These magical birds are a symbol of happiness despite their dark appearance. Their cheerful calls have long been considered signs of good fortune. The iridescent feathers encourage us to look beyond the mundane surface.
I drew this to pay homage to these birds that have fascinated me for many years

Original artwork is hand-drawn and screen printed by hand by Scott Myst.

Printed on 12 x 18 inch acid-free watercolor paper.
**Matte and Frame not included**


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