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the ouroboros Story

About closet of mysteries

I believe that quality is defined by more than just fine shirts.  I do only print on the finest quality shirts. Closet of Mysteries is special to me because I have focused on following planet-friendly practices, as part of my standard of quality.  Each shirt is printed by hand to order using high quality, environmentally friendly, water- based inks.  Having a water-based shop means that not only are the inks better for the planet and the humans, but cleaning them avoids all of the nasty chemicals used in traditional screen printing.  In addition, I reuse simple shop supplies like paper towels and the tape many times to avoid unnecessary waste.  When you receive your shirt, it arrives with minimal recyclable packaging and no unnecessary packing slips or receipts, just a little hand written note from me to you.  Experience the difference by ordering an Ouroboros shirt today.