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Solar Talisman Shirt Design by Closet of Mysteries

Solar Talisman Shirt Design Time Lapse

A while back, I took on a drawing project where I drew a talisman for each of the heavenly spheres.  The concept was that I would make one for each of the days of the week.  For each design, I delved into a lot of research of correspondences and symbolism associated with the sphere.  The first of these to become a shirt design is the Solar Talisman.  It made a lot of sense to me since Sunday is the first day of the week, plus I really was looking forward to drawing the dragon 🙂  So, it is my pleasure present to you this time lapse of the artwork in progress for my Solar Talisman Shirt Design.  

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I love it when I get to create a design by hand and then take it through all of the processes involved in getting it onto a shirt.  It often begins with research before sketching.  The pencil sketch is refined until the final drawing emerges.  That drawing is then inked up and erased clean.  From the drawing, I scan it and do the computer magic to make it into something printable.  After that, I get to create the stencil on the screen (which is a pretty neat process that I am still impressed by after 10 years of screen printing).  I love that moment the very first time I make the stencil, the image starts to appear on the screen as I wash it.  Lastly, I get to squish my eco-friendly water-based ink through that stencil onto a shirt (that’s right, I go as green as I can).  That part is so satisfying after all of the time and steps involved in getting there.  

I am ever so grateful to all of those who support my work.  Thank you!

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Solar Talisman Triblend Shirt by Closet of Mysteries
Solar Talisman shirt by Closet of Mysteries
Solar Talisman 3/4 sleeve Triblend by Closet of Mysteries
Solar Talisman shirt by Closet of Mysteries
Ladies' solar talisman Triblend shirt by Closet of Mysteries

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